Server low performance
Hello everyone, well, I decided to open a server, I'm new to rust
Then I called the server yesterday, 40 players online in a few hours, the server was running at 263 fps, I did my daily reboot, 30 players online and still 263 fps, the server started to display lag, when I went to see the server is oscillating between 70 and 10 fps, I decided to restart the server to see if it solved, but when I called, the server started with 70 fps

Below my settings:
8GB Ram
Intel Xeon 4 cores of 2.20GHz
Windows server 2012 R2

Rust server process usage:

Machine Performance:

Plugins (27):

EntityCount: 31.184
WorldSize: 3200

Currently the server is running at 40 fps with 15 players

What could be causing poor performance?
What can I do to improve?
memory at 68% with 31k entities ? idk i think you will need more ram to start off, just wait when it reaches at 100k entities it will be at almost 80%, how many plugins do you have ?
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Anyway, I see no reason to be running at -50fps
I noticed that the machine is receiving 1.2gbps of data, quoted in the image above
My fps returned to normal as soon as I received 4mbps of data again
Can an attack affect the server's fps?
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I guess yes, consider setting up Anti-DDos and don't forget to change your IP of the machine and server after that.
Hi Finn, I have a quick (unrelated) question. You say you have a new server, and is it hosted on a local machine? If so, how did you manage to get so many players so quickly? Mine has been running for months and I rarely have more than 4-5 players online.
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Hi Finn, I have a quick (unrelated) question. You say you have a new server, and is it hosted on a l...
I do not use a local machine, I use a server in my region
Well before opening a server, I looked for what type of server was not in the list, because I do not have a very good computer, I created a Barren map, there is not a lot of Barren variety in my Barren, so I configured a Gather that is not in the list, I left in the title informing when to wipei to attract attention, and the players simply entered
Interesting, thanks for the info.