PvE Vanilla Server

Hey guys. I just like to hear some suggestions or tips, for a vanilla PvE server.
Right now I run a modded PvE server (I got a ton of plugins that protect against raiding, stealing, killing - like Ture PvE for example).

For several reasons, I think about switching to vanilla, but I kinda fear that a vanilla server with high population would be a hell to moderate. Right now I hardly get any reports about stealers, raiders or anything, thanks to True PvE and other plugins - so my question is: Is there a way to have some kind of protection against any of that in vanilla - without using plugins? I remember that Rust had a build-in PvE gamemode - but I also remember it not being really good (and it seems they removed it anyway. Can't find it on their website anymore).

So does anyone here have any suggestions, ideas or other tips for running a vanilla PvE server, without it becoming a moderation-hell?

What you are talking about is:

server.pve 1​
It's still valid but from what I've heard it's very poor, nobody uses it. My advice would be to stick to what you have now, these plugins and configs are all necessary for a proper PvE environment. You will be wasting your time trying to go down the vanilla route.