Spectate Mode not working anymore???

Any idea why I cannot use the ingame spectate mode anymore?
Clicking on the button does nothing.
Yes, I have admin rights. :)

If you have a button then it's probably a glitch with the plugin, so try without the plugin. F1 > spectate

I am not talking about a plugin.
I mean the normal Rust GUI.

I see the Rust GUI you're talking about now - I've never noticed that before :) As I said though, try hitting F1, go to the console tab and type spectate, see if that works. It's more likely to give you an error message too which might help.

Good idea.
Will try that.

The GUI method is not working for me either.

If you haven't used the plain version before, you can cycle between players with spacebar (forward) or left-ctrl (back). Or else do 'spectate name/id' for a specific player.

Spectate name does work. But the hotkeys don't change to another player. I always get the message that I am spectating the player I am already at.

When you do spectate on its own without a name then you can cycle. If you 'spectate name' then you are stuck on that name.

Aaaah ok. Thank you.