Spawn fill groups after restartSolved

Do I have to type the command manually after restarting the server?
After rebooting it is blank until I type the command spawn fill groups.
Is there a solution to the problem?

It depends how you shut down the rustserver. If you forcefully kill the process you may have some rollback or save issues. You should issue the 'quit' command via Rcon or similar to perform a graceful shutdown with saves etc.

I use auto commands to restart the server every morning but I don't want to use the spawn command so that the players, for example, don't fall asleep in the oil,
Is there a way to restart with autoresponse?

"auto commands" is meaningless - there are many hosting services, "auto commands" means different things on different hosts.

The reason for your teams issue is because your shutdown/restart routine forcefully kills the rustserver process without saving, instead of sending the "quit" command to shut it down gracefully, with saves etc.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about then ask your host, your teams problem is their fault from what you're saying (assuming that the "auto commands" are something they created).