CUI RectTransform property transformationSolved

How to convert UI interface properties (X, Y, Width, Height) to the required properties of AnchorMin and AnchorMax corresponding to RectTransform?

Knowing that the child element is located at the X and Y coordinates of the parent element (the upper left corner of the parent element is X=0, Y=0), as well as the Width and Height properties of the child element, how to convert it into the AnchorMin and AnchorMax properties required for RectTransform positioning Woolen cloth?

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Hi, thanks for your reply! I am using this site, but I want to know how this data is converted, because I don't want to copy the converted data every time I want to input Rect data to continue the next step, I It is hoped that the data can be converted directly when the function is called, so that the use efficiency can be greatly improved.

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Thanks for your answers! After consulting a lot of related materials and my own calculations, I think I have obtained the correct calculation formula, and thanks again to the owner of the!/editor site.