Cannot connect to server with error "server update required"Solved

Hi, All!
I'm using uMod with my RUST server and when I use release uMod version my plugins aren't compiling because of uMod compiler error

"Error while compiling KitsManager: Compiler disconnected message was null"

Before that error I have another errors occured by uMod

"Database failure: Database disconnected message was null"
"Database failure: Database *.*.*.* was closed unexpectedly"

But I can connect to my server with release uMod.

So I have another situation
When I use pre-release uMod version my plugins are compiling successfuly, but I cannot connect to my server because of error

"Kicking [username] - their protocol is 2345 not 2332"

But my RUSt client and my RUST server have same version which are

Protocol: 2345.225.1
Build Date: 06/09/2022 21:45:36
Unity Version: 2019.4.7f1
Changeset: 71583
Branch: release
uMod.Rust Version: 1.0.676

Can anybody help me to solve this problem? Thanks a lot!

uMod is not supported as it isn't released yet. Please use Oxide, which is found on the Games > Rust page.