Getting a 401 error whenever I try installing Rust via umodNot An Issue

Hi All, :)

I managed to install umod agent and then used it to install rust, added plugins and all was fine till a day or so ago, short story the server was deleted, gone, before I could back up too (bit bummed at myself for that). :(

Basically after installing the necessary .net stuff then succesfully re-installing umod, I then tried the same command that succeeded before only to get this everytime...


PS C:\RustServer\Server> umod install rust
Using filelist: 'temp_CKSWK.txt'.
No username given. Using anonymous account with dedicated server subscription.
Connecting to Steam3... Done!
Logging anonymously into Steam3... Done!
Using Steam3 suggested CellID: 85
Got AppInfo for 258550
Using app branch: 'public'.
Got depot key for 258551 result: OK
Got depot key for 258554 result: OK
Processing depot 258551 - rust dedicated - win64
Downloading depot manifest...Encountered 401 for depot manifest 258551 4698676814204090202. Aborting.
Unable to download manifest 4698676814204090202 for depot 258551
App 258550 was not completely downloaded.
The operation was canceled.
Disconnected from Steam
[uMod] 04:10 PM [Error] Rust server install failed
Downloaded installer umod-webclient-1.0.105 (from cache)
Downloaded installer umod-compiler-1.0.110 (from cache)
Downloaded installer umod-database-1.0.105 (from cache)
[uMod] 04:10 PM [Error] No resource available to update for package core/websockets (pre-release: no)
[uMod] 04:10 PM [Error] App install failure
PS C:\RustServer\Server>


Can anyone please help me? Seems no matter what I do it won't work, I can still install rust via steamcmd but then I've no plugins.

Thank you in advance for any help given. (Just in case I'm one of those that forget to thank folk later after finding things working again.) :D

Is there a reason why you are using the uMod agent? It isn't for general use right now and shouldn't be relied on until release-ready. The error means a build isn't available to use at the moment.