Lags - Rollback

Greetings everyone !

To cut to the chase, I have a lot of rollback and lag on Rust and would like to know if the problem is with the game or elsewhere and if I can improve the situation.

I have a computer configuration:
GTX 1080ti
32GB DDR4 Ram
Windows 10

I have fiber internet

I currently rent a server from the host GTXGaming (always satisfied) with a configuration:
- 100 Slots
- Rental 200km from home
- 32GB ram
- NVMe M2 Extreme Performance
CPU 5.2Ghz+ 16 cores/32 Threads OC Extreme Performance with real-time CPU priority.
And Steam updates are always ok and the server is restarted once a day.

The server configuration is modded, here is the list of plugins (all updated):
- AutomaticAuthorization
- AutoPurge
- BetterVanish
- Blueprint Manager
- CustomCraftTimes
- DeathNotes
- FriendlyFire
- FullRepair
- ImageLibrary
- InfoPanel
- NoDecay
- No Fuel Requirements
- NoGiveNotices
- NoWorkbench
- Oxide Rust IO
- RemoverTool
- SignArtist
- StackEdit
- StartProtection
- VendingInStock

I'm on a 3500 map, and I made a very large base (no decay), and all lags when I approach it. So I put infinite lights, many images too, but also when I'm far from the base and I walk around the map in a helicopter there are also rollbacks.

I'm usually alone on the server. I also did some tests by changing my personal settings, I put it to the lowest and everything deactivated and the game still shows very little FPS.

The server is set to 60FPS Limits.
Do not hesitate to ask me if you need more information.

Can you help me please ?

When I travel the map (empty) with HD settings at minimum (very pixel game) and look at the performance, I often get 20-40FPS and still moving, and I use 50% CPU, 25% graphics 40% ram... and 80% CPU as I quickly approach my big base. And I can get with 2160 resolution and everything at maximum (beautiful game) I can get 60 fps. But not when I move on the map.

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I also did some tests without any plugins and it's the same result. Do you think it can be the server machine or the game directly which is no longer optimized?
I didn't remember that in the past.

FPS issues are usually related to your local game/graphics settings/hardware - not the server. Try 1080p instead of 2160?

htmlSh3wbejUsbb.png JimDeadlock

FPS issues are usually related to your local game/graphics settings/hardware - not the server. Try 1080p instead of 2160?

Can also be due to internet connection variations in speed,

I've already done 1080 with everything at the minimum, it doesn't change anything in FPS, for the internet connection I have 1GB optical fiber.
I believe from extensive testing that it's the poor optimization of the game that has high latency on displaying assets. It's always when I move quickly on the map and the elements appear that it lags, or if I'm in my big base, which is a shame because if there were a lot of big players next to each other others and builds big bases so it's not optimized, knowing that alliances are planned in Rust soon. And I also regret because the developers have chosen the Decay of the cabinet with maintains resources for that in reality, it was not to build large bases to relieve performance, which in my opinion is an anti solution . I hope they will optimize this soon.

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(The server is ok, I am at constant 9ms, and the host has no problem with them)

Bad internet connection usually results in "rubberbanding", not low FPS.

What you're describing in your last post seems to be the normal behaviour of object rendering. If you approach a very large building or a village of multiple buildings it can take a few seconds to appear, and you will see low FPS while it's in the process of rendering it all, especially if you approach quickly eg. on a minicopter. Once it's all fully rendered your FPS will recover. Is that what you're talking about here?

This is in fact due to optimization - if everything on the map was rendered permanently it would hog a huge amount of resources unnecessarily. Rendering player-created objects only when they are needed is much more efficient. It does cause a small amount of lag in certain situations, but that's a small price to pay for overall stability and performance.

I agree, and that's actually what I'm talking about. Only I think that when you create a video game that has this objective then you have to plan and obtain in advance technologies capable of offering this. There are games that work better on it. And I also think that when using a very low user configuration then it should work. I think it's up to the user to decide the performance capability based on the graphics. Here when we are very low, it does not work. Despite a very low distance display, so I think there is work to be done. Knowing that I remember Rust started faster 3 years ago. I find it unfortunate because Rust is really great.

And I also think that players have more fun on a server with 100 people and if you can build as you want than on a server with 500 people where you can build small things.

I hope they fix this soon. 😀

I would start it depends on what you consider large... I mean 7x7 on vanilla is huge but on a 10 thats a medium or small base...

Lights and sprinklers, expecially ceiling lights can cause a lot of lag because of all the smoke effects.

Also no clipping vs flying will have a huge diffrence depending on how much needs to render at once.

Auto Purge could also cause lag spikes as it checks everything and deletes entites as well.

I understand, but think it's not responsible to build a project on a construction basis if things are not optimized for it.
As a consumer, it doesn't concern me to know that the smoke effect of the lights consumes a lot of performance. When you buy a transport truck in life, if this truck drives well but has faults to transport then it is that it is badly designed.
Also, if I choose graphics parameters comparable to a computer of the 2000s and that I always obtain 20-40 fps it is that the game is very poorly optimized. We also know that the construction system would have been more suitable in Voxel, it is a choice of the developers.
All that to say that there is the possibility of doing something to improve this.