Server crashes at assets warm up when restart happens.

I have a server that I do a restart everyday, use server.restart command on rustadmin.
For some months now the server crashes during asset warm up and never restarts, need to shut it down and restart again.
Before would happen once in a while, now is almost every day.
Anyone has experience anything like that?
I run the following mods on it.


Thank you for any help

What are your server's hardware specs, RAM in particular, and what OS?

You could also check your rustserver logs to see if there are any clues.

Hello, thank you for the reply.
The server runs on, memory is now at 10GB, I think.

The log file on the last time got stuck here on the restart

Asset Warmup (1288/9260)
Asset Warmup (1896/9260)
Couldn't create a Convex Mesh from source mesh "patrol_helicopter_part02" within the maximum polygons limit (256). The partial hull will be used. Consider simplifying your mesh.
(Filename: Line: 91)
Asset Warmup (2290/9260)
Asset Warmup (2414/9260)       that is the last line on the log, but that changes, is not everytime here.

They are blaming the problem on a mod, I have the same mods for a long time and I have other server running the same mods that does have this problem, but happens like once every 2 months, not everyday.

Thank you

Where is your other server, same host or somewhere else entirely? This looks like a system or hardware issue to me. If it has become more frequent over time that points to a failing hardware component.

I think they are talking nonsense blaming a mod because issues with mods show up while the server is running, not during startup and certainly not during asset warmup, which has nothing to do with mods.

The other server is on the same provider, different machine.
Yes, I agree, they keep blaming the mods.
Just want to see if anyone else ever had a problem like that.

Another possibility is that you may be running out of RAM, 10g is borderline for rustserver.

LOL here.
I still have this problem where the server.start commnad does not work most of the time, stops in different places of asset warmup, is random.
I asked the server provider, they said is not their problem is a mod problem.
I asked here and and answer was cannot be a mod problem (what I do agree).
I created a new separated server with no mods then did a loop of server.restart every 20 minutes on the clean server and I got the same problem, crash on asset warmup, not as often but got the same problem.
Contacted facepuch about the problem answer is they do not give server support???? Told me to contant umod community to figure the problem, guy did not even use a bit of the time to look all the log files I sent.
LOL, that is the today frustrating nobody wants to take responsability for nothing, pass the ball.

Does the server hang when you Stop+Update Steam/Oxide then Start using your dashboard on Game servers ?

I had problems with gameserver before, very poor gaming host. My server was crashing also and they were keep blaming plugins. Then they increased my RAM (Well that's what they said) and server just keep crashing over and over.

Simple way to solve this argument:
1. unload all the mods.

if it stops, they they are correct...... if it does not , then you are correct.