I can't get up on the server

I have a very strange problem, I just can't get up on the server.
I press the "Space" or "Enter" key and nothing happens i'm still in sleep mode. I tried to press all the keys on the keyboard but it doesn't help.
This only happens to me on one server (the server currently has about 60 players online) which means others do not have this problem.
I don't have this problem on all other Rust servers. Does anyone know why this is happening?
I tried via VPN and it doesn't help.

Hi, perhaps this helps.

Your answer didn't help me, i tried everything but it doesn't work :(
When I connect to the server I have a big ping (look at the picture). 1934 Ping when I connect to the server, and when I see the server on the Rust Master List, I don't have such a big ping.
I can't get up and I can't play. I don't have this problem with other servers.