Your experience with discord call admin?

Considering using this plugin. Just worried it might just be misused by players or something like that. What has your experience been like with call admin? Would you recommend it?

yea great plugin. not sure how a player can misuse it once they have called it opens a private channel. if they keep calling nothing happens only that they are reminded to wait ..

Ah sorry. Ment more like abusing it. Using it when it's not necessary. But it's good to hear you like it. Deff might use it.

it's difficult to abuse. when a player types calladmin it creates a channel in your discord also logging who the player is that called.  this enables the admin and player to DM directly with each other, admin in discord player via game chat.  however how many times they call admin it auto responds to them but still only 1 channel is created. if there's one idiot constantly calling admin for an inappropriate reason ban em.