OnDispenserGather item.amount set to zero always gives at least 1 of the gathered resource

I'm trying to disable normal resource gathering on dispensers, growables and collectibles but when I set the item.amount to 0 the ItemPickupNotice says I got 0 of the item but i always get at least one item. For example: I gather wood, pickup notice says +0 Wood but i have 1 wood in my inventory. When I keep gathering I dont get any more wood. If I throw out the 1 wood in my inventory and gather again I get 1 wood again. Is there an easy way to disable this completely? I tried looking at other plugins like the ToolsGatherManager but they have the exact same problem. No real 0 amount gathering...

Because you NEVER EVER should set item.amount to 0, this will potentially lead to errors.
Do item.Remove(0) and return true from the hook if you want to disable gather.