High CPU usage

since the update today my server is using a lot more CPU than usual (up to over 200%).
I already contacted my host, I'm not asking for a solution here - just asking if anyone else has this problem too.

FPS down from 180's to 50's since update.

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ack another update just pushed out.

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ooo FPS back to 200's^^

update mod, i had the same on version 2.0.5149, after cpu load has dropped down by half

use server.fps 60 to limit the fps because as I know big fps cause high CPU usage without any actual effect because people do not see difference until its under 13~ or 30~ fps and you only waste server resources... if at server.fps 60 you still have HIGH CPU usage, contact host or idk might be related with latest broken update

My servers run at 120 FPS and it always worked smooth - until the update yesterday. So as long as this new update doesn't require more resources, it shouldn't use up more CPU - I believe...

The only thing I changed was raising the number of slots from 100 to 150. I did not have more players, I still had kinda the same amount of humans on my server - but can this alone use up more CPU too? Having more slots, despite not having more players than before?

Any solution for this? i'm using Oxide.Rust Version: 2.0.5162 the cpu always high, before update my severs running smoothly, then now drop 5-10 fps

what i've been trying to do:
1. stop server, then start server
2. unload all plugins
3. trying to update rust & oxide.rust
4. steamcmd validate

after I try to do that the fps will stabilize at 200+fps, but after 15-20 minutes the fps will drop back to 5-10fps

Server Usage: https://prnt.sc/1kfr414

Server Resource
Model:      Intel Core Processor (Skylake, IBRS)
Cores:      4
Frequency:  3696.000MHz
Avg Load:   4.55, 3.24, 2.88

Mem:       total  used   free   cached  available
Physical:  16GB   7.7GB  7.7GB  6.3GB   7.7GB
Swap:      2.0GB  0B     2.0GB

Filesystem:  /dev/vda1
Total:       361G
Used:        13G
Available:   329G

Still not completely fixed but its better than it was on wipe day.
I keep my fps limit on -1 because for whatever reason if I limit it, it cuts the fps by 1/2 of the limit and overtime more and more. Almost like a vsync & memory leak issue. I.E if I limit to 60 it starts instead around 30-40 and after one hour 10-20. My system is insane so thats def not normal, I can push 1900+ uncapped lol.

At any rate before wipe on a custom 4096 map I was going about 1100-1960 server fps on 20% load with a ridiculous amount of plugins. 130k ents.
On wipe and update day I was only gettg 300-350. Only 70k ents
Now Im between 600-900. 105k ents
Its better but no where close to performing what it was last week. Hopefully FP patches more.

I would get the remove animal AI from Orange (dont use the built in command) so your servers are ok-ish for now if doing a -1 limit isnt helping, and just have a note on login that the measure is just temporary.