How to get ukn ak47 skin id?

i want ukn ak skin in my server but i can't find

how to get

but i can't find ukn ak skinid

U can't hide stuff in Steam workshop I guess or you can?! I mean if you upload skin to Steam workshop like plugins devs do upload their icons or people upload different skins for whatever reason you can search them and get the ID of the skin. If they name ukn ak like duck ak you might fail to find it if search UKN in the workshop but instead have to search "duck" (it was a pure example only)

If somehow you can set upload as Private for the skin you make then you are not able to search/find the skin sadly if they do not share it with you the skin page so you can copy again ID. 

Why would you want UKN's ak skin? Surely you would want a skin that represents your server rather than someone else's?

because ukn ak its' was cool

2425422878, here u have it