Player kicked: Steam: AuthTicketCanceled
my friend is trying to join my dedicated server but his game crashes while joining. he dont have the same problem on ather servers. yes i have done fast forowding.
Please use more user-friendly titles. Dont just copy the message's text. Does your friend get an error?
NORIX kicked: Steam: AuthTicketCanceled

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as a host i can join
Try asking your friends if they can join
I have had the same problem joining my own server and so have other players, its usually because of a bad or slow connection, the usual cure is to restart my computer/modem and it works ok again,  After the change to "temporary bans" by EAC you can get a 10 minute ban if you take a long time in the joining server sequence, just have to wait and you can usually join ok after that time,
Check to see whether your server description (if you have one) is showing as normal text in login screen or has changed to random numbers, if it has restart the server and that wil  solve a few problems,
(Kicked: Steam: AuthTicketCanceled) ye i have this error too much times !
Hello everyone,
I am having the very same issue: I cannot enter the game on my own servers for the same reason; every time the client freeze up at "you're sleeping" phase and it remains stuck there.
Via RustAdmin I can see that I got kicked and next I have an 11 minutes temp ban but....

1) my players can play without any inconvenients
2) I can play on any other servers

I have opened a ticket to EAC and my server provider (GTX Gaming); also have uninstalled and reinstalled both Steam and Rust and checked the plugins and the updates.
Also my PC drivers are updated and so is the OS (Win10 64b)

I haven't found any suggestions or solutions for this so far hence my reply to this thread that sounds quite similiar.

The server description (as mentioned by pookins) is fine, nothing changed and the router in my home is fine (or else I guess I could not login into other servers).

I am totally baffled. Anyone can help me here?

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Today I got this message:

(10:34:38) | [EAC] Kicking ***************** / Jagster Wintermute (Excessive packet loss)​
(10:38:27) | [EAC] Kicking ***************** / Jagster Wintermute (EAC Temporary Server Ban (expires in 11 minutes))

I just got the same message for the first time on my server. "AuthTicketCanceled"

I am so bummed. I really want this server to take off but this is plaguing my users.

That's generally from clients with shit computers or shit internet, don't worry.
this happens to me on my own server and others.. it happens every couple of days and half of us get kicked off at the same time, so its ot beacuse of a shity pc... server is hosted by host havoc, i dont have this issue on other servers. its happened to me 5 times today (more then ever)

-Cant do anything for 3-5 seconds
-kicked and displayes TimedOut
-Reconect straight away

In server console it showes this msg for each player that was kicked
-Kicking [IP addrese] [steam id]  /bushcake (steam status "authticketCanceled")