Who has used "Game Server Kings" (GSK)?
Who has hosted with "Game Server Kings" (GSK) and what was your experience?

What was your experience with them?

piss poor customer service, always blames mods for lag and performance
horrible servers that lag and rubber band with 3-5 people on it
just overall shit and horrible, I would never recommend them... hell I would recommend setting up a server on your personal PC before them... if that tells you

im 4 months in and no issues, Customer service is shit though considering they clearly state 24/7 service. but as for the host running ive had 0 issues
Absolutely terrible.  Ordered a dedicated IP and never received it.  Waited over a month.  Server would randomly shut down and show as running.  Confusing panels where "Running" doesn't mean running
i was using gameservers.com and had same issue witht them telling me i kept hitting my 8gm ram limit when i switched to GTXGaming no i can see my ram is only using 5.2gb they told me i was using too many mods

Tech support was awesome. Always received a fast response. However, my server was down a lot and
had been moved to two different servers. Also, it would randomly shut down and had frequent lag. I have just the one server and am starting out, and truly feel that I lost the few regulars that I had finally acquired, all because of a subpar hosting service. I don't know how a larger operation would even take the risk with this company if they knew that it wouldn't be a stable consistent hosting service. They state on their site that you will have 24/7 uptime. What I experienced was far far from it. And when asked what was to be done going forward to prevent the issue, I was basically told "oh well... it happens. Here, we'll give you an extra 14 days". Which to me is just 14 more days of crappy service. It seemed like there was zero care. As a one server subscriber I must not rank high enough on thier customer list to be a concern.

Was ok always helped with issues. They do cap there ram and it will shut derver down if you excede it so make sure to get enuf memory.

I can't speak for their shared hosting services but I've had dedicated servers through them for the past year+  There were some growing pains as the company was pretty new when I first started there but lately it has been very good.  They have invested a lot in DDOS mitigation and they have a really strong network out of Dallas where I am hosted.  Im currently using IcedHost panel which is also GSK network as I don't like GSK's current TCAdmin setup.

GSK is working on their own panel and website to sell dedicated servers and I would highly recommend checking that out when it's available. 

What a BS Company. Poor Support and No Class. I know a 16 year old. We got him his server from these guys. And 3 days later they suspend his account! With NO REASON!!!! These guys are USELESS Scam artists. They make Promises and NEVER Deliver! Anyone considering these "GOOFS"!!!!!!!
BE WARNED. They take your Money and RUN!!!!!!! I am also puting in a Complaint directly to Rust also. They are the ones Backing these guys! Obviously Rust must be getting a CUT of the Profits Scamming Buyers. Because they don't seem to care! DO NOT RENT FROM SERVERKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best server Provider is GTX Gaming Servers!!!!! Beats the Hell out of everyone else!!!!

Used gsk for months, always great support. Only ever had one major issue where the server was crashing. But they sat with me until it was resolved and offered stuff because of it. Servers are good i run modded and never really get any complaints about it lagging.

I have used GSK on and off for over a year. My honest opinion, for a server using between 6-8 GB of ram they are great. For a server using 10-16 GB of ram they are way too spendy. However their dedicated machines are really competitive. Their TC admin panel is basic as all get out. When you use another hosting sites admin panel its hard to continue to use GSK's. With that being said they do plan on updating it later this year... We will see what that means. I find their customer support is trying at times. Without question I have had better customer support elsewhere, but they will offer enough to leave me satisfied. In the end when I went with a dedicated machine for my servers recently, I ended up back with Game Server Kings.