Looking for way to disable the map
I'm looking at options for stopping the visual representation of the map for players.

so that a.) when you die you don't see the map b.) when you press the G button you don't see the map, so your in essence blind in the game to the location.

I've found one plugin that disabled the map by putting a black overlay over it, which is good, however there is a lag and a glitch in it that the "display map" function is client side, so there is a lag between pressing the G button or when you die the client calling the server to get the map info and the plugin blocking it, so it's quite easy to override and work around.

Currently looking at trying to manipulate the map file - but this seems unlikley the more I look at it, so how can I disable the map effectively ?

No idea, but I'm curious why you'd want to do that?
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creating a challanging game mode where you're blind to the map and you have to try to either map out yourself and use point of view landmarks references rather than just say "G4 on the corner" you'd have to communicate with people via common references, plus you don't know where to build eg: make a rush for the bandit camp because you know it's there and where it is.
Rust was more harcore a few years ago, I really miss the map fog of war.
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that's the sort of idea - but no fog - you are blind, it's your problem, learn how to operarate without it. Would make a great game mode, but it's pretty tough to do now with the way the map system works.