Not getting items from kitsSolved
all works fin but ven u redeem the kit i dont get eny stuf.
sory im from sveden and no god english.
Once you have put the items for the kit in your inventory, you need to do '/kit items' in chat to save them
If you have created a kit that includes clothing and weapons/tools make sure that you have enough space in your inventory for the kit when you
redeem it, I use backpacks plugin as well and i make sure I move everyting into the backpack before redeeming kit, I have been using this plugin for several years now and have never had a problem with items disappearing,
How did you create the kit, did you choose "items" option when creating kit to copy everything you have in your inventory to the kit ?
Did you try /kit list (as admin) to check what kits you have created ?

Example (all commands are in chat)

/kit add indigo      Confirmation message =you've created a new kit indigo
/kit cooldown 18000 (=5 hours in seconds)  Confirmation message = cooldown set to 18000
/kit authlevel 1                           Confirmation message = authlevel set to 1
/kit description "what you need to survive you only get 10"   Confirmation message = description set to what you need to survive you only get 10
/kit hide false (for player kits, set to true for admin)  Confirmation message = hide set to false
/kit items (will copy your inventory into kit)  Confirmation message =The items were copied from your inventory (it does not add backpack items to kit
/kit max 10                    Confirmation message =max set to 10
/kit npconly false (if set to true you wont be able to redeem it ,is used for creating bots)  Confirmation message = npconly set to false
(/kit permission .i dont use unless creating for special purpose so just leave it)

There is no save function required
Then to test it remove ALL your inventory and type /kit indigo
and you should get the kit,

To remove the kit just type /kit remove indigo     Confirmation message = indigo was removed
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Thanks so much!!
Finally as I struggled. :)
You're great.
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