Method to wipe data for kits?
i cant beat my players getting in the server first to reset it with command.
is there a way to reset it through a file or console?
Warning: i don't not know much about C# and the only coding i have done is java back in minecraft beta :P

This adds a console command kit.resetdata this works for me so far haven't tested if it adds bugs going to try and add a verison that reset on server wipe but not 100% on how to do that lol

since the plugin page now says "This plugin is unclaimed or has no maintainer"
and i wanted a fix for this i open the kits.cs with a program like SharpDevelop
and added just above [ConsoleCommand("UI_ToggleKitMenu)] under the gui section you can just use Ctrl + f for ui_togglekitmenu
        private void cmdkit_resetdata(ConsoleSystem.Arg arg)
        	SendReply(arg, "Resetted all player data");