Replenish from RCON?

This is so so close to what I've been wanting to do for a couple of years. I would love to be able to use the replenish restoreall command from my BattleMetrics RCON, but it seems not to be an option. Is it possible?

My situation is that I've built a maze challenge on my server where people have 3 minutes to find their way through the maze to collect great prizes from a storage chest. If they take too long double doors close and they collect a consolation prize from a small box instead. I get an alarm on Rust+ when someone tries the maze, and I can reset the maze from RCON but it's useless without logging onto the server and restocking the prizes. If I could do that remotely it would allow me to reset it before getting home from work and logging on.

When I posted this I didn't realize that I could just set a timer to restock the chests every 10 minutes or so, and that would be great, except that the saved chests only stay saved until the server has its daily restart, then /replenish list brings back "Server has no saved containers."