Plugin not letting me edit the json file or the cs file

What is the issue?

Unless you are very experienced you NEVER edit the .cs file ,
all editing is done (for this plugin) in the config file,
Make sure you validate any changes or it will revert to default or not work at all,
Make sure you save any changes ,

Yes, I am aware of that but the thing is it physically wont let me edit the config. There is not an edit button for it and im not sure why, I have reloaded and downloaded the newest version as well.

You open the Json file in the Config folder, You have four main folders, Config, Data, Lang and Plugins, with this plugin you edit the Json Config file,
you just open it and edit what you want the settings to be, save it and then reload the plugin. You can also check it with a json validator to make sure  you have made no errors. I do not know what  you mean by an edit button ?, when you open the file it is a text file , you dont have to open it with notepad or notepad **.