Destroying wrong entities, reduxSolved

As NAWSR reported yesterday, something is off about the entity detection starting with 4.3.33 and continuing in 4.3.34. I don't know if it's related to the sub-object detection, but the tool seems to "see through" and target entities behind the entity I'm attempting to target. Usually moving the pointer around towards the center of an entity, a wall for example, will eventually allow the correct entity to be targeted, but that's extremely problematic with door frames and windows. Not sure if it's worse near the edges since that's closer to another entity, but it's definitely much slower and unreliable when switching from one entity to another as I move around. I've had to revert back to 4.3.32 and it does target the closest entity under the pointer very quickly.

πŸ€ͺIt should be fixed now

Seems to be fixed -- no complaints about it the past couple of days. Thank you!