Make doors public access?
Hey all! I'm just starting out with ROK community servers, we're building a few structures as 'public access' but the game doesn't seem to have a door security level that will let non-guild members open it (not sure if I'm misremembering, but I feel like this used to be an option in an earlier build of the game?)
I would love any tips on how I could accomplish this. I'm using protected zones & anti-loot to manage 'public' areas in the server, so could potentially piggyback onto that for public doors, but ideally would be able to set door-by-door.

There is no way to accomplish this in the base game.

A plugin, however, may get this done. Though it does require the players to use a command to at least open a door (closing can be done with a timer).

Probably far too late, but you could use any door except an iron door, lock pick it, it then becomes useable by anyone.