Plugins do not workSolved
even though oxide seems to run, no plugin is working on the server (reign of kings)
The server host said it runs on windows so this isnt the problem.

Thanks for helping.
Could you provide a little more details? We can't resolve an issue that we cannot reproduce.
Hm, what else can i say. I downloaded the ROK_Data folder again and dragged it inte my WinScp or what it is called. So all the oxide dll's are there( under themanaged folder). Weird thing i found is that theres no compiler data in the log folder. I tested the one oxide comand to see if it is available while i was online. It is. The problem now is that the plugins do not show up or can not be used.
If you need more details it would help if you tell me what you need. Then i can check whats needed .

Thanks for your reply Wulf.
Where are you installing plugins and could you provide me with your oxide/logs?
So do you need the current log? (2020/02/21) This one i quite huge and it says expending time broken alot. On the hand, i change my ping limit to 100. Could this be a cause?

I put them in the plugin folder as usual.
I'd need to see the logs, yes. You can use a site such as
ok maybe you dont need. It says compiler was deleted maybe by interference from security software. At this point i see that plugins dint work anymore
Without seeing the full log, I would say that the compiler was not downloaded successfully, so you'd either have to figure out why that download was blocked or manually download it.
I posted snipped out of the data to pastebin and called it  Nomijinx.

Because im on my phone and it doesnt let me put the full log there (as ut it also a giant one) But as i said, the most issues come from the prison plugin. Anyhow as i scroled down plugins as announcement seem to work fine for mist of the time. At around 1 pm the compiler message starts to show up and the plugins seem not to work anymore.

So where do i get the compiler data from?
Where do i out the folder into?
Where ROK.exe is. You'd want the .exe for Windows, but your host many not allow you to upload yourself.
So not in the data folder in the oxide folder?
So not in the data folder in the oxide folder?

No, the oxide/data folder is only for datafiles from plugins.

ph ok, because there the compiler was located before :O or was ut the logs folder ?^^'. Ok so i need ti find the folder where the ROK.exe is locates. Any idea where it usually is hehe?

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i cant find ROK.exe anywhere :(
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