New WIP Zone Manager plugin

I am rewritting an hold module from which I lost the code.
Here is basically the concept.

As admin
  • You add rectangle zone on the map (setup corner A and corner B from a Square/Rectangle)
Zone options
  • Healing or dealing damage to player
  • When a player enter and leave the zone he receive a message (RP)
  • Enable/disable build
  • Enable/disable damage on items/blocs
  • Enable/disable damage on players
  • Active/inactive the zone
RP background (my use)
  • Set neutral zones where an admin can build nice place for players (relay,tavern)
  • Name the regions

I am open to any remark/suggestion.

Hi K4trix,

i'm super hyped to see the end result, to me as an admin it looks really great (As i intend to build a church and the healing part was an idea of mine but never thought someone would even put it into a plugin:D).
Any idea how long it'll take?
Sounds very similar to ProtectedZone.cs . I currently have a modified ProtectedZone.cs running on 4Kgamers with a safezone  (no pvp zone ) in the Tavern and GrandExchange. I have also used it to allow a few gambling games in the bar, have a treasure chest that cant be looted out on an island and have a zone at the tax tree to allow looting the Kings Treasure.

I do like the healing idea.