Oxide not working on ROK/Nitrado serverNot An Issue

Looking to get a few plugins running on my server for ROK, And ive done everything exactly how i was told to do as refrenced by a few other suggestion pages and intro to installing but still cant get them to run. I have the Oxide file downloaded into my Server directory(ROK Data file i donloaded from this website) And installed the 3 plugins i wanted so far, may use more once i get these working. But nothing is happening with them on my server. No commands work or files show up in the other Directorys of the Oxide folder (E.g Config,Data,Lang & logs) 

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Sounds like Oxide isn't actually installed then. I'd suggest contacting your host to make sure Oxide is being properly installed and Steam isn't updating after installation.

No Oxide/plugin commands working = Oxide not installed
"oxide" directory not being created = Oxide not installed
Plugin files not being created = Oxide not installed or plugins not actually loaded/in wrong location
Ya still waiting on my Host to get back to me on that. Never had troubles like ive had with this server host to installing mods. Hostly doesnt seem likes its installed cuz i know i did everything right to other problems people were having and what they did and followed your instructions to the point. Thanks for the break down though. xD

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Ok so i switched hosts and they have an installed for oxide provided but i cant find the oxide folder under the saves folder. Do i have to create the folder or is there a step im missing after installing Oxide through them.
Unless your host changed the location manually, the "oxide" folder is under the root install location where ROK.exe is.
Ya Dont have a folder created at all. Just have Oxide read me telling me to go to this area for plugins as they arent avaliable on the oxide site anymore. lol.
Sounds like your host is providing an old download URL then. The only valid URLs are on our website here. https://umod.org/games
Ya says http://Oxidemod.org. Ill be sure to let them know to change it if possible.
Nitrado has to remove the "noLog"-parameter. Send a ticket 
Ya says http://Oxidemod.org. Ill be sure to let them know to change it if possible.

Thanks for the info, sending a ticket now :-)

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Edit: You had more luck than me.
They are not giving anymore support to mod related issues.
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