"Spawns Database File (Optional)"": "none"Solved

I have 10 points created, but cant find anything, nor figure out how to make the plugin draw from the database. 

The plugin (Raidable Bases) seems to favor, by a significant margin, spawning bases on the outer perimeter of the map using (Scheduled Events). I want to select those inland flat spots that have the footprint to accomidate bases, and through (Maintained Events) force the spawning of some/more inland bases by making Maintained Events draw from the "Spawns Database".

Ex: 10 Spawn locations marked at much higher elevation with adequate footprint, 4 maintained spawns
obligated in maintained events, how do we  initiate the spawning of those bases from the "Spawns Database?.

heya. the title has your answer. replace "none" with the filename. if the filename is spawns1.json then replace it with "spawns1" (no file extension)

I do not recommend modifying the below settings, but they're there if you insist. it can definitely break the free plugin due to its limitations

  "Water Settings": {
    "Allow Bases To Float Above Water": false,
    "Prevent Bases From Floating Above Water By Also Checking Surrounding Area": true,
    "Maximum Water Depth Level Used For Float Above Water Option": 0.01

these are the config options from the paid version. roughly a third of the code would need stripped out and reimplemented for this to be implemented in the free version it so it'll likely remain a premium perk

      "Allow Raid Bases Inland": true,
      "Allow Raid Bases On Beaches": true,
      "Allow Raid Bases On Ice Sheets": false,
      "Allow Raid Bases On Roads": false,
      "Allow Raid Bases On Rivers": true,
      "Allow Raid Bases On Railroads": false,
      "Allow Raid Bases On Building Topology": true,
      "Allow Raid Bases On Monument Topology": false,​

the above options are now included in 2.5.0