Base bugs into mapSolved

Here it comes:

which version does this happen in? do not say the most recent, that doesn't help me =p

I'm using RaidableBases v2.4.7. :)

this happens due to the new Obstruction Radius check not working on bases which were not copied from the center of the base. this is most problematic because Obstruction Radius is half that of Protection Radius, so it leaves half of the space unchecked. this is by design, and is not an issue when the base is copied properly.

the square represents the base, whereas the circle represents where the player is when they copied the base. this is incorrect, and the player should be in the center when copying. 

the circle represents the dome, and the square represents the base before the dome is recentered once pasted. the base is rotated while it pastes, and if not centered properly this will cause it to shift its position. this is why you see it pasted into the cliff in your picture. if copied from the center then it would simply rotate on its center axis and be unable to shift to a different position.

this has always been the case, and can be demonstrated by using /paste basename1 and observing its position being shifted each time when not copied from the center. it was largely unnoticed when the entirety of the Protection Radius was checked, but that was why the plugin had such difficulty finding positions. so basically, don't increase Obstruction Radius thinking that its an easy fix unless you want the plugin to have a really difficult time finding positions again.

the base must be recopied. I think you can do this in Fortify. this issue does not exist in the premium version. it calculates everything before its pasted and centers it properly regardless. I may implement it in the free version but there's no eta for that. I have many other things I'm working on first

2.5.0 is a stripped down version of the premium 2.6.7 version with no premium only features. there are many new options and existing functionality is greatly improved. this includes an update to functionality surrounding your issue.

Oh great. Thank you very much.

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