Bases do not despawn / new bases do not spawn


I have a problem since recently, I bought the premium version. I have replaced everything one to one and have not done anything to the configuration. Unfortunately, the bases do not despawn properly and eventually spawn no new bases.

Means many bases stand still and decay slowly afterwards, new bases are no longer spawned at some point as if the plugin switches off at some point.

Is there a trick in the configuration so that always spawn bases and especially that they despawn correctly?

Thanks in advance


I have completely reset the plugin "Premium Version" and installed the Tier 1.

The bases spawn and at some point no base spawns anymore, or the plugin stops working. The bases stay on the map and decay very slowly.

The log says:
08:56 [Info] [Raidable Bases] CopyPaste is a required plugin and is not installed. Download from

I have the latest version of RaidBase as well as Copy & Paste and the bases spawn as well, but at some point they don't despawn properly.

Unfortunately I don't dare to search further or to stop the plugin, because of the loss... just because my bases are much larger.

Translated with (free version)
public static bool CanCall(this Plugin o) { return (object)o != null && o.IsLoaded; }​


If it says CopyPaste is not installed then it's not installed, or it's not loaded. The above code handles this and only an Oxide bug could cause it to give a false-positive (which I've seen happen) in which case just ignore it. It isn't the issue anyway

I need an error message for the plugin in order to fix it. I cannot fix with the error