When copying a base with CopyPaste, make certain that you copy the base from eye level of the foundation outside of the base.

Does this mean I should better paste the bases in the water, fly down in the water outside of the base and copy the base while looking at the lowest level of foundation?

Thanks. This is really helpful.

correction, in order to properly copy a base it should be copied from the center foundation of the base. it was a misunderstanding because I've never had an issue copying from outside before. although this doesn't matter anymore. so long as it /paste at the correct height then you're good to go in  version 2.5.0 

This should of never been a thing as it can be done by code to select the correct location.

I noticed that I should delete the old config with the new update. Anything else?

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Ok. Got it. No file has to be deleted just being looked into.
Thank you again.