Not seeing any meteors
This sounds like it would bring some atmosphere to my server but when i load it, i never get meteors. I ran the default config and entered /ragna_start and got some clouds and stuff so i reconfigured like shown below but am still not seeing meteors. I am getting chat confirmations that ragna has started and will repeat etc...i'm trying to simulate a nuclear shower. Any help would be appreciated.

hello !
do you see any marker on your map ?
what is the size of your map ?
im working on making damages null, for this atmosphere need.
Certainly in next update (config true/false for damage to players, npc, constructions)
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My map is the default seed size for procedural. I have been on servers which have meteors and you can hear them. I can't see or hear any meteors nor do i get a mark on the map. 

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I see how it works now, thanks again. Nice work man.