Buttons Work, but short.Solved

The buttons works but after some seconds its close automatically. Very nice plug in and Great work. :)

Hi, just to be clear, the toggle buttons for quality and inspect (star and magnifying glass) are meant to be manually toggled on, but will automatically turn off when you exit the inventory (more accurately, they will turn off when your player starts looking around), they do not stay on permanently. Is this what you're referring to? If not I'm a bit unclear what you mean?

Yes thats i mean, but i have to press T, the chat, than the window stay and the coursors comes up. I mean it is a bit better to use, if it Stay and than the coursor comes up, without this function of auto close.

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I think some of the Plug ins i use, do my Player looking Turn arround instantly, thats the reason ->  its Turn It Off. I dont know really why, but If i use it, its abort automatically, some time after 3 Seconds, sometimes 1.  I have to Press very fast the T-button (Chat) to hold the UI. I Hope IT explain IT a little more better. Sorry for my english.

I recommend that you only use those buttons when viewing your inventory, I'm not sure why you would want them enabled otherwise? 

In any case, it's absolutely necessary that they autoclose when looking around, the reason being that there is no way for a plugin to tell when a player opens or closes their inventory as that action is done client side. The best work around I could come up with was to have it close if you start looking around.

I think i am to Bad to explain IT XD i make a short Video tomorrow and i Upload IT to my Dropbox:). 

Sounds good, I'll check it out when you do!

The issue is that you're not supposed to click those buttons unless you are looking at your inventory. Instead of opening chat, try clicking those buttons while you are in your inventory screen.

Yes i have found mny mistake at making the video :). Thank you for the support.

No problem! Glad it worked out :)