Gain is not savedBug

After the restart, the gain on the weapon disappears. It is also desirable to make a command to reset the level in case of a VAPE.

Hi, could you clarify what you mean by "gain". Do you mean the experience progress towards your skills? Or something else?

Hi, I am using a translator. After the restart, the weapon no have boost damage.
Приветствую, я ипользую переводчик. После рестарта пропадает усиление оружие.
(Stock damage, Not +++ Damage) ( +\++\+++gun have stock damage, after restart)

The gain stats (damage,durability,resistance) resets to vanilla stats once the server restarts though the +++ name still remain.

Thanks for reporting this guys.

Additional info is that we are storing those +++ items on our backpack (backpack plugin)


Stacking items(weapons,clothes,melee) will also remove any +++ on it also once you separate them.

Yeah unfortunately there isn't much I can do about the stacking issue, and it one of the reasons why I limited the improvement items to only things that aren't stackable in vanilla.

We are already good with it. It also avoids some form of imbalance. :)

So, hopefully the stat advantage remains even after the server restart.

What we can possibly think, is to implement it like zlevelsremastered, progress/skill levels are being saved together with their increased gather rates unless if its forcefully wiped. (It has a savefile for each steamid on the data folder)