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I set the level of crafting firearms to 99 levels and set level 3 for the ak47 - but when I craft kalashnikov, nothing happens! how do I understand what I get from this plugin?

So I think I need some clarification on what you did. This plugin makes it so that when you craft certain items, they have a chance to be "higher quality". The higher your skill in crafting, the higher the chance that they'll be higher quality. I'd your Ranged Weapons crafting skill is 99 is there like a 97% chance you'll craft a (by default) quality 3 item. So if you set your crafting skill to 99, and you craft an Assault Rifle. You should notice that the weapon has a different name. Instead of being named "Assault Rifle" it should be named "Assault Rifle (+++)" with each "+" signifying a level of quality. Now, you may notice that the stats of the gun 'appear' to not have changed, this is simply a limitation of plugins as the stats of the gun that you can see are stored clientside. However, if you test out the weapon you will notice that the weapon does 30% more damage and has 30% more durability. Compare it with a non improved assault rifle and you should see a noticeable difference.

Hope this clears things up.

Edit: Also make sure you have the permission for leveling Ranged Weapons crafting! The permission is craftsman.leveling.ranged. You will know it works when you do /skills and can see it there.

finish the plugin so that I can more clearly see what has changed in the weapon - for example, when it was successfully created, there was an inscription in the chat for example

Thank you for the suggestion, the plugin is "finished", but of course I am always looking for ways to improve it. Perhaps in the future I will add a message that pops up notifying you that you have crafted an improved quality item. Though keep in mind, when you get to higher crafting levels you will craft improved items all the time, so I will have to do it in a way that isn't annoying or make it an option.

I take it that you managed to figure out how to craft them then yes?

ещё нет, завтра займусь

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