Bring Vanilla Compass To Hardcore ModeSuggestion

Looking for a Compass plugin that will work on Hardcore mode. Needs to be the same compass as vanilla that sits top middle of the game screen.

oESHrLEd4Ji1r5d.jpg ArtiIOMI

That does not do what I'm asking for.  That pops up a make-shift GUI that shows the direction you're facing and your coordinates.  It does not show the moving vanilla compass.

It is not possible for a plugin to display the vanilla compass. Best case, a custom makeshift compass could be drawn which looks the same, but it wouldn't be feasible to update it in real time because it would incur a significant performance cost for the server to frequently construct and send the updated UI. I recommend a periodic update schedule such as once per second.

Then you need find someone who can write somthing like this for you.

That's unfortunate.  Would be nice if something could re-initiate the original compass while still in Hardcore mode.

Hey Jack,

I think you are looking at this all wrong. Just use a plugin that adds all the hardcore features to a vanilla server. So you can keep the vanilla compass. I have one of these already made so dm me on discord @Whispers88#0007 and I'd be happy to give it to you free of charge if it is useful.