Auto Pick up Barrel Loot?

Hi There,

I've found a couple of mods that do this in theory, such as Auto Pickup and Instant Barrel Loot.
Although these mods work okay, I dont like how all barrels and road signs become 1 Melee hit from destroying the entity.
I would like to keep the vanilla feel of hitting the barrel a few times to destroy it but still receiving the loot in your inventory without picking it up.

I have seen this live on some servers but cannot find the mod they are running. Does anyone know of a mod that does this?


wiYz9SrqCOaWfx8.png chrome
This is what I am using but barrel are instantly destroyed with 1 attack. Is there a way to change it so barrels have the normal HP and require multiple hits to destroy ?

Thankyou so much for that! I will give it a try soon and let you know how i go :)