Facepunch ban reports (Rust)

I would really like to get messages via Discord when a player on my server gets banned by Facepunch.

There seems to be no option included that gives out a message when players get banned by Facepunch.

Well it seems outdated, because OnUserBanned hook doesn't exist anymore, it's now OnPlayerBanned

Yeah. And that's not interesting for me. I wouldn't wanna give players the option to ban others anyway.
But thank you for the idea so far.

So does this plugin give out Facepunch bans for people on the server in Discord or not? :D
I really don't understand what this plugin does.
For me it only gives players the ability to ban others and report it to Discord. But that's not what I am looking for.

But there is always a message when a player gets banned by Facepunch in chat. Every player can see it.
Shouldn't it be possible to connect this to Discord?

  • Called when the player is banned (Facepunch, EAC, server ban, etc.)
  • No return behavior

The doc is saying Facepunch ban, so I guess it is, you should give it a try.
If you read carefully, it's giving the ability to your player to ban if they got the perm. So just don't give the perm.

bans are only logd on server if its a server ban not a general steam ban

As I know only reporters can see when logging in-game for a short amount of time or just till next game restart the red warning message THANKS FOR YOUR REPORT, CHEATER BANNED... But I am sure others are not supposed to see this info...

I am pretty sure I saw it happening in chat and I wasn't the one who reported.
The only thing I was looking for is  tool that logs this message to look it up later.

ooooh you mean this Banned by (anticheat), Banned by VAC. Yeah, these messages are probably possible to get logged later on inside logfile or discord via an appropriate plugin. I thought you ask for the message when you see in the main menu when the cheater has been banned after you report him. This is personal and only visible to the person used to do the F7 report. This in the chat is for your server only. If you have Cheater X who cheats on your server and gets banned, OK... But if he cheats also inside another server gets banned, you won't see the message Banned by (anticheat), on your server.