Stash popup

Can someone make a basic plugin for stash popup after a set amount of time (get dig)? Right now players on my server stash shit like crazy. Alo they was upset when I blocked explosives in a stash. Some players said: None of the modded servers in Rust do this. This is bullshit bla bla... I hold to them: If you can stash and be unraidable what others are supposed to do? Call ESP hacker or do I have to give them admin radar to be fair in order to find your stashes on the map?

If plugin can be made to reveal stashes so you have to re-burry them again manually would be great. Then you place stash and burry it but after hour or so stash appears above ground and nearby people can see it and loot it.

I sent it to approval. If someone want to get it faster - feel free to message me in discord - Orange#0900