Talking drone

Can we get a megaphone on the drone? Maybe a powered boombox the playes the music you choose before take off.

We have tested with the powered boom boxes and found several issues. They disappear visually after moving away from their spawn origin. They also stop playing audio after moving from their spawn origin if using a custom station.

Next step is to test if we can put a hand held book boxes on the drone, since those are designed to be portable and may not have the issue.

However, a boom box does not accept audio input so you probably could not use it to broadcast live voice from a player like a megaphone. I also tested the small speakers, and they have the same rendering issue. It might be possible to use the hand held megaphone and hook it up to another megaphone somehow, perhaps when the player in the computer station transmits voice.

Note: While I have spent some time looking into this, I will not have time for this in the near future as I have other priorities.