Auto-refill boxes (Rust)
I have a custom map, pre-built bases that have chests and chests.
The players take their stuff inside (a chests of syringes, hoodies, etc ...)

The problem is that we always have to have multiple admins to top up the vaults.

I'm looking for someone who would be interested in creating a plugin for us that can refill instantly (as soon as the player drops the item from the safe into his inventory, a new item reappears in the safe).
Or refill in waves (all chests fill up every 5 minutes)

I pay the developer of the plugin (and an ad if he wishes)

My discord: Northox#2067
Whats the problem to move 9999 hoodies in the inventory of *thing* and make hoodie stack also 1, so player will be unable to take more than 1 at once, or whatever to spawn them with that stuff? Since they can take it unlimited will be logical to add that to their spawn kit?

I have a maze with a chest with prizes at the end if they complete it in less than 3 minutes. After that doors close off the top prize chest and they get a consolation box of prizes. I get an alarm through Rust+ and can reset the maze from my phone, but I can't restock those prizes unless I log on and restock them. If I could find a plugin that lets me restock with a command, either in Rust+ or RCON, I'd be able to open the maze back up even from work. I did find one that lets me do that via command while I'm anywhere on the server (but still need to be on) or I can set a time limit for it to restock the saved chests. This would really be close to perfect if the saved chests remained saved after the server daily restart. That plugin is called Replenish but I don't think anyone is keeping it up as I get no response in the help chat for it. Any ideas would be very much appreciated.

This mod looks good for other uses I might want, but I need to spawn items inside a chest and a small box. It looks like this one would spawn the guns and attachments, I want as the prizes, on the ground. I have actually been hoping this plugin called 'Replenish' gets updated. it lets me enter a time for it to restock a chest/box to whatever is in the chest when I save. The current issue is that after the daily server reset it loses the saved chest files and I need to save them again.
 Thanks for your response, I appreciate the thought.