As many of you know, we have steam achievements that we could do, but also the basics on how to build your first sleeping bag, wooden door and so on. Now, I was wondering if there was a plugin that could provide such ''achievements'' or even by creating your own one as what I'm trying to look for.

The idea

The idea if to have certain achievements in the game that a player could go for. Something to be proud of reaching it. Who doenst like to have a server with progress achievements? this way, the user gets one more reason to stay online longer. 

the ways of achievements ''progress'' goes is that the user can go for certain ranks. Silver, bronze, golden, platinum, all depending on how much ''achievements'' can be earned. for example, when a user reaches a total of 50k chopped wood, that the user gets a ''achievement'' of bronze, but can climb up towards platinum. 

see it as an example of ''player challenges'' or ''player ranks'' but for their own progress. Ranks could be shown certain colors to indicate what the user has reached of achievements. This could be found back by some commands in the chat that will open a info hud with the needed details.