Messages are not being localized fully


I tryed to translate a plugin I use on my server in italian, I went on the lang section, then created a it file, made copy and paste of the original translation (en) of the plugin and then translated, then reloaded the plugin but is not working. (I have now the game set in italian).

Just to be sure I tryed to modify the en one and it working even if I have the game set in italian, so, what I am doing wrong with the new translation?

Thank in advance for the support!

Where did you set the language and how? Also, which plugin?
Also worth to mention that you have to disconnect, change your game language and then reconnect to the server
I set in the oxide--->lang and created the it folder
The plugin is ReportPlayer

Thanks for the help!
The plugin is not utilizing the Lang API properly, so full localization will not be available, it will only use whatever the default language is set by your server (en by default). So either edit the "en" files or change the default language from the server console or RCON (not your game client) using "lang it" or another language.