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Is there any chance that with an update we will get the option to change the text in the chat? Maybe with a "lang" file? I would like to add more text so they know right away where to pick up their rewards, but i don't like to change anything in the cs file. Thanks a lot


Player rankings only gives ranks , you can use other plugins to make use of the ranks, but there is no reward system in ranks plugin except for the ranks (which you create) i use info panel to scroll information on what different ranks can use/obtain

How to include rewards

  • Since PlayerRankings relies on BetterChat's grouping system which automatically creates an oxide group, permissions can be given from various plugins to include rewards when a player has met the criteria (hours) to be in that group.
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I think you misunderstood me. I'm talking about the chat message I want to customize. and I'd rather do that in a "lang" file instead of in the cs file itself. But never mind I've now customized it myself in the cs file.