Options to disable commands and configure mute timesNo Thanks
Would it be possible to get options in config to toggle the showing of commands. For example I am manually removing Clear Inventory and Reset Blueprints to prevent accidents.
Also the option to set the mute times for each button. For example I have edited my 3 mutes to be 15m, 60m, 1440m/1d.
Plugin Developer
Command timeouts : Nope, train your admins to be mature Nevermind, I missread this one.
Timed mutes : My main issue is how to show this properly with the language API for the button's text. People will need to retranslate and understand what formatting to use and why there is a, seemingly, random {0} in their translations.
Prevent accidents : Set Use Permission System to true and simply don't grant the playeradministration.resetblueprint and playeradministration.clearinventory permissions.

Don't do things I already did for you, that'd be stupid. :)