Support for Spectate pluginSuggestion
Hello, ThibmoRozier.

Can you add support for Spectate plugin?

It works better, than spectate command in your plugin. Not killing, when you spectate.

Like this.

#region Foreign commands
private const string CPermsPermsCmd = "perms player";
private const string CFreezeFreezeCmd = "freeze";
private const string CFreezeUnfreezeCmd = "unfreeze";
private const string CSpectateChatCmd = "spectate";
#endregion Foreign commands​

player.SendConsoleCommand($"chat.say \"/{CSpectateChatCmd} {targetId}\"");

"This plugin is unclaimed or has no maintainer" <- Nah sorry.
Plus I try to stay as close as possible to base game commands. :)
Original Poster
Plugin still works perfect, even if it has no maintainer.
And be dead every time you spectate a player is very, very and very uncomfortable.
Because you every time should take your stuff from a dead body. It's tiring so much.

I'll have a look, but seeing as the chat command stuff changed I'll have to look and see if I can call it properly through a public method
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As optional way to integrate this plugin, you can check if server has Spectate plugin installed.
And if it is installed, then run 'spactate' command. But if it is not installed, then use function of your plugin to spectate.

Trying to stop using chat.say due to the update it had recently. I need to see if the plugin has some public methods.