Fuji is finally back in Life

...taken from my informational note today on another for me important site:
I'm sure you've noticed I was completely absent. That was and is certainly annoying for many people, especially for me, but unfortunately I did not return to a so-called active life until this week. 

Almost two months ago I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and "probably" hit the bullseye as a co-driver in a serious traffic accident. This information itself probably eludes my memory forever.
The result for me was: head-brain-trauma; 5 weeks coma (I don't know anything more about it); no idea what the hell happened at all, partly violent headaches, and a fucking bedpan under my ass. 

2 months of unplanned mental absence are really bad for all aspects of life, I can say that much. At least I can walk normally again, can go to the toilet on my own, and have my long-term memory under control again. 
I hope to be able to resume my work for "Rust" from today on, at least that's the plan.

As I also have a lot of organizational stuff in my private calendar I will not be able to see through all problems, mistakes and any other concerns immediately.​
This means, i will try to jump in also for my here located stuff from today on, but all things need their time and some sorting also.
Hey Fuji es ist schön von dir wieder was zu hören, ich wünsche dir gute Genesung :)
Hey Fuji, it's nice to hear from you again, I wish you a good healing :)
Hey Fuji. Wishing you a speedy recovery friend. Glad you're back on board. Any day above ground is a good day. :)

Welcome back

Glad to see you back, Take your time with anything here, Just get things sorted in RL, Anything else is second or even third.
Wow Fuji, glad you are ok and back to feeling upt o being your old smart self.

Welcome Back!!!!