Looking to hire capable C# and Unity developer for large project
I'm searching for the right developer to assist me in completing a long term project of mine. I can't go into to much detail in this thread, however happy to discuss this further privately.

  • Speak fluent English.
  • Have great communication skills and be able to work in a team.
  • Understand the Rust protocol and have created a plugin previously. (I'm looking for somebody experienced with Rust plugin development)
  • Have spare time daily and occasionally on the weekend would be great.
  • It would be a bonus if you had experience in other programming languages such as html, css etc.

Payment will be discussed off-site as will be determined based on your prior experience, overall knowledge and time available.

Discord: kingfish#1325
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I'm also looking to hire -
A web developer that's experienced with bootstrap and sql/databases. Send me a direct message or Discord me if you're interested in hearing more.
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Project is making some strides, bump
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Still keeping my eye open for a web developer (frontend) preferably as a helping hand to my current dev.