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In version 1.7.1, 'Play Sounds After Teleport' was deleted, and all users began to hear Teleport Sounds. If i could turn it off like before, there's no problem, but since 'Play Sounds After Teleport' has been deleted, i can't turn it off, which is inconvenient. As a temporary measure, I left 'Sound Effects Before Teleport' and 'Sound Effects After Teleport' blank, but 'String ID is 0 - unknown effect' error occurs. I wish I could roll back.

it's intended that you empty the list in order to disable the sounds. however having quotes in the list does not make it empty. it is still an item in the list unless you remove the quotes. ill go ahead and force it to remove empty quotes just to prevent this mistake in the future.

"Sound Effects After Teleport": [],
"Sound Effects Before Teleport": [],

i've readded the options for your ease of use in the next update

thanks for the example