Able to duplicate items when using
If, for example, you turn on so that the fireplace does not consume wood, then you can put any gift or an egg in the fireplace and from there open it into your inventory endlessly

Pleaseee let there be a fix to this! This is one of the cleaner auto-light plugins but my players found this out and spead the word T^T
It happens to several different items, regardless of whether they're configured to turn on at night..
I only have this for the lanterns and coffee lamps and pumpkins but the other items cause the issue

This is also an issue with the cauldrens. Players are able to put pumpkins, medsticks, teas, etc. in the cauldren and use them from there, thus never running out. It is a major OP glitch that needs to be fixed.

Disable everything from config that lets players put other stuff in. Like the caldron, skull fire pit etc... Or everything that has wood as fuel

Why does this plugin need OnItemUse? A quick fix would be to comment that out, I'm curious what problems arise then..

//        private void OnItemUse(Item item, int amount)
//      {
//            if (!isInitialized)
//                return;
//            LightController lightController = item?.parent?.entityOwner?.GetComponent<LightController>();
//            if (lightController != null)
//                lightController.OnConsumeFuel(item);
//        }

we have the same problem. Yes a year later.

Our Tuna Lamps are producing low grade fuel while active

Confirm cauldrons etc can still dupe items