Support for Hobo Barrels and CandlesSuggestion
Would love to see the plugin support the hobo barrels you can find around the world and candles.
Many Thanks
I would like to see this added since they just did the drops on twitch that you can craft a hobo barrel now. 

I would also like to see this added to the hobo barrels supported in this plugin

I too would love to see  hobo barrels supported here. Any chance of getting them added? I would donate to do so.

I echo the others, please add the Hobo Barrels. Thank you!

it's pretty easy to add these in the "StringToType" and "ConsumeType" ie;

        private ConsumeType StringToType(string name)
            switch (name)
                case "campfire":
                    return ConsumeType.Campfire;
                case "skull_fire_pit":
                    return ConsumeType.Firepit;
                case "hobobarrel_static":
                    return ConsumeType.HoboStatic;
                case "hobobarrel.deployed":
                    return ConsumeType.HoboDeployed;

        private enum ConsumeType { BBQ, Campfire, CeilingLight, ChineseLantern, CursedCauldren, Firepit, Fireplace, Furnace, LargeFurnace, Lanterns, JackOLantern, TunaLight, Searchlight, Refinery, HoboStatic, HoboDeployed, None }


you'll also need to update/include these your config data

private ConfigData GetBaseConfig() {

Yes easy if you know the consumetype. I don't know where can i find them

I gave the full line for that, StringToType is partial, but I figured if you looked at what you had now and the example above you could put 2 and 2 together.


Yes easy if you know the consumetype. I don't know where can i find them

+1 I would love to see candles added.

and search lights

+1 hobo, candles
(maybe add that candles are not destroyed, so they last forever)

Small bump, candles would be lovely still :)

Would anyone know the name for the Small Candles and Large Candles so they could be manually entered into this plugin to include these? I attempted to do this on my own end and I do not believe I have the names correct or "fixed" the plugin correctly as it does not auto-turn on the lights any longer.

I like this plugin as compared to other auto light plugins, but I have a large number of players who want one that includes candles into it, and I dont want to swap plugins if I do not have to. This is to bump this topic and see if someone can help. If someone has the correct names and it works on my end I will post the changes made here for everyone.

Thanks in advance

It's smallcandleset and largecandleset, but they are not ovens. Look how the searchlight is done, you will need to add in something similar. Also I know they break/decay after a while right? I think that's solved by canceling the burn invoke.

Hello everyone,
I added support for candles and published the plugin as a fork on my portal.
Now I'm writing to the owner if I can take it over or help him with the updates.

Here is the plugin with candle support

Merged post

I also added support for HoboBarrels.
The solution that was proposed in the thread was fine, but there was a problem, if you use _static, all the HoboBarrels both of the server and the player are turned on.

Here you will find the updated plugin